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About Me

Merav Peleg

I believe in conceptual design that creates an exceptional experience.  My 3D showpieces are made from a wide variety of paper, combining creative design with innovative technology.

I have always worked with paper, a timeless material that can be used to design and create extraordinary pieces. It can be used in a modern and contemporary way, with modern technologies, as well as traditional techniques, to create exceptional timeless pieces. 

I always try to challenge the boundaries of this material and to find new ways and techniques of paper design, thriving in the balance between art and craft. I aspire to create and explore new worlds in 3D design. Each field requires an expertise, such as display windows design for brand and concept stores, commercials, fashion productions and photography for private or business events.

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Merav Peleg


Member of the Paper Artist Colective

origami israel.png

Member of the Origami Israel group

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