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#BeeCreative Challenge

Lately, I've created mostly bees, in many shapes, kinds and colors, a small hive
So, during lockdown I decided spread the word and make it for you.

So, I made a template that would be easy to make.

I invite you all to take part at the #BeeCreative Challenge and make your own bee. Design it, make it with papers, cardstock, cardboard or other materials.

 You can paint it using pencil colors, acrylics. Make it bling!!

Now is the time to connect the world of creativity and creative thinking.

Creativity is joy, it’s the freedom of changing.

beecreative challenge paper bee
beecreative challenge paper bee
beecreative challenge paper bee

Creating the Buzz

Get started in 4 simple steps

1. Print the PDF tamplets files 

2. Watch my tutorials here

3. Bee creative and make your own special bee

4. Upload your Beeutiful designs on your Instagram and  Facebook using the #beecreative tag

You can follow me on Instagram @merav_peleg and use

the #beecreative tag in your feed or stories

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